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About us

MArcBI - Homecare made in Germany
Ironing systems & everything to do with ironing

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Family-owned and operated, MArcBI – Brands & Products by Marco Bierekofen is a German enterprise with its headquarter in Bonn.
MArcBI is specialized in parts production, combining products, disdtribution and sales of housework and ironing products.

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History of a family business
After several years as a travelling salesman, Manfred Bierekofen and his wife Gisela Bierekofen decided to go into business for themselves in 1960.
They created the Manfred Bierekofen Metal Goods Import & Export Company.

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    1960... 70… 80…

They primarily sold Kettler ironing boards and ironing-related products at trade fairs.
In the early 90s, they introduced the professional steam press, the MABIPRESS, to the market.
Over two decades, the MABIPRESS became an established brand name and is appreciated by discerning private customers as well as corporations and social institutions.
In 2001, the familiy company began distributing their products via the Internet. The company has been successfully serving the European online market ever since.

In 2004, the company added the MABISTAR Ironing Systems to their product portfolio.
The combination of proved and tested quality in combination with the latest technology has made their products the number one choice in the field of semi-professional ironing.


Since 2011, the enterprise product portfolio has distinguished itself by being compatible with other commercial products and in this way, it has gained access to a significantly larger market share.

In 2015, the company expanded the Internet distribution channels thanks to their son Marco & grandson Merlin.
In 2019 Marco Bierekofen started the new company MArcBI – Marco Bierekofen in Bonn.

The new company offers high qualitiy products, a multilingual Aftersale-Service available across Europe.
With this unique service and excellent product quality, MArcBI has been a reliable partner to retail customers, commercial users, hotels, theaters, social institutions and its business partners.

“A business is only truly good when it is good for everyone involved”
Out of this corporate philosophy, close partnerships have arisen over more than a half a century.
These partnerships are guaranteed by ongoing consideration of consistent market definitions, price security and quality.
MArcBI passes on its experience and operates as a reliable partner to its customers and business partners.
The primary goal of the family-run business is the distribution and sales of high-quality and reliable products, accessories and their own product combinations.

The company supports and implements innovations, product developments and the corresponding product combinations.
These improvements are forwarded through a fine-tuned, target audience-oriented distribution organization.

"Satisfied customers are our best advertisements"

The praise we receive from our customers as well as the recommendations they give to their family and friends, is the source of our daily motivation.
We would like to thank you for visiting our website and hope that you find the information you are looking for.

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MArcBI - Homecare made in Germany
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